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Cocaine Nose & Ecstasy Eyes

- Tauriel?
- Lie still.





Alice in Wonderland

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Free Hit Counters Laura, 20, Straight,Taken,. Say hi:)Need some advice, ask away =) I Like Enter Shikari, A variety of music,Horse riding,Fashion.Parties.Animals.Hot weather.Tattoos.new people.Piercings. Art.Reading.Photography.Culture. Food.Films.Facts.Science.Comedy. Colour.Sleep.Nature.Intoxicants.I live in the middle of nowhere, it's crap.I don't own any pictures,take credit for any pictures unless stated. Skype- butterbuglb or laura b. formspring.me/laurawarr http://www.spillit.me/laurawarr http://ask.fm/cupcakelaura

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